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Clean Cooking Barazas: A Forum for Uganda’s clean cooking Actors

Since 2015, UNACC has been holding clean cooking forums every last Friday of the month.
“Baraza” is Swahili for a public community meeting held by people of wisdom, to deliberate matters of community importance. In this case policy makers, business entities, NGOs, improved cook stove and fuel manufacture, distributors , institutions and other sector players gather to discuss concerns, issues, best practices and lessons learnt, and challenges in the sector and collectively draw an actionable way forward to these issues. Baraza forums are arranged in formats that allow  relevant discourse on topical sector issues as they arise. .

With Over 500 participants engaged annually Baraza forums have increased awareness around clean cooking concerns in Uganda, contributed to the growth of many business holders, kept the UNACC network alive, active, and in constant communication.

To many manufactures, these Baraza forums have opened  access  finances, market and distribution opportunities. Recent Baraza forum deliberations   triggered the development of the three policy papers ie sustainable financing of the wood-fuel value chain, Development of national standards and labeling, and sustainable charcoal production in uganda which later resulted in the formation of the IMCC. These forums have also provided links between Uganda’s clean cooking subsector, the donor community, and other interested international actors


With financial support from WWF-UCO, UNACC has  extended these forums to districts outside Kampala including Arua, with Mbale District scheduled to wind up 2016.  

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