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membership categories

Ordinary Membership

This category of membership represents any institution/company registered and has interest in the Biomass sector. The institution/company shall become a member, upon payment of the membership fees, and shall have to pay annual subscription fees as determined from time to time

Associate Membership

This category represents any institution/ which is registered / practicing firms of consultants, or that institution whose nature of work is related to the biomass energy sector. This membership category is open to companies and organizations with an interest in our work, but which we do not represent directly, such as clients (oil companies, etc.), regulators (governments and other bodies) and other associations/professional bodies working in the different sectors.

Honorary Membership

This category has been developed for any institutions or individuals who in the opinion of the National Executive Committee (NEC) shall have rendered very valuable and outstanding services to UNACC. Such institution/ individual shall be invited by the consent of NEC, and shall not pay any fees

Individual Membership

Any person, in good standing, who has interest with the objectives of UNACC.

Subscription Fees

There are four elements to UNACC subscriptions: the ‘Ordinary’, ‘Associate’, ‘Individual’ and ‘Honorary’ annual subscription fees. Each member only subscribes to one category of their choice.

Annual Subscriptions are paid every beginning of a financial year January to December for members to maintain their membership category to Uganda National Alliance on Clean Cooking, and are not dependent on the date of joining and therefore not prorated. These fees are annually paid as per the categories below; 

 From 2013 the annual fee structure is as shown below (all amounts are in UGX  shillings):

    • Membership Category
    • Annual Fees (UGX)
    • Ordinary Membership
    • 250,000
    • Associate Membership
    • 250,000
    • Individual Membership
    • 100,000
    • Honoray Membership
    • 0

Membership Benefits

1UNACC members are positioned to benefit from the Standards development, testing and quality assurance initiatives under the alliance activities, supporting members to understand and adopt standards for clean cooking technologies to ensure product quality and build capacity within national knowledge and testing centers

2Business Capacity building and training opportunities to Member organizations through seminars and workshops preparing them to be ‘investment ready’, and raise their organizational profiles. This is mainly intended to increase member visibility within the investment community

3Finance linkages, UNACC is commissioned to identify financing options, strategies and grant information linking the private sector clean energy service providers to finance opportunities as well as the providing education on carbon finance, to help members develop, register and manage their carbon reduction projects.

4Assist member organizations to raise funds to implement activities as defined by the CAP, pooling resources from various sources: such as GACC, ACCES, Government of Uganda, Donors, practitioners and other stakeholders

5Access to online marketing to promote member products. Registered members have opportunity to show case there products in the UNACC product catalogue ( Only those products that meet the alliance performance standards will be promoted)

6Members will benefit from promotional and marketing initiatives implemented under UNACC. Raising awareness about clean cooking solutions.

7Members will benefit from UNACC efforts to support the establishment of distribution networks to majorly facilitate the up-take of clean cooking solutions

8Information dissemination, the UNACC platform will be used by its members to facilitate information sharing on technology transfer, innovation and best practices.

9Access to all relevant resources, Annual reports, Budgets, Operation Plans and all UNACC documents in relation to the components under the different Standing Technical Committees (STC) to which registered institutions or individuals belong.

10'Single voice' lobbying on policy matters advocating for national and local governments to create a favorable policy and an enabling regulatory environment, also providing a joint sector coordination frame work representation to donors and investors

11Platform to network and share knowledge fostering connections with diverse stakeholders and experts within the sector. Members are privileged to participate in the” BARAZA” monthly discussion forums to address strategies and cross cutting sector issues

12Access to consumer research, data, baseline and market assessment studies and a comprehensive national database on cooking technologies, fuels, and practices that is web based, updatable, and GIS-enabled

13Regular newsletter and updates; briefing concept notes on technical issues, sector development issues, and appropriate events.

14Access to consultancy opportunities

15Facilitate provision of legal advice to its members on issues of Clean cooking

16Members have access to meeting and office space at the UNACC secretariat offices when not in use for committee/workgroup meetings.

How can Members contribute to the UNACC Activities?

  • Support the UNACC Mission, Vision and goal of 5 million households adopting clean Cookstoves and fuels by 2020.
  • Support UNACC’s promotional and Coordination roles of the Ugandan clean cooking sector, working to raise awareness of health, Environmental, climate and livelihood impacts of clean cooking solutions
  • Actively participating in the UNACC Standing Technical Committees, building evidence base for clean cooking solutions on a larger front.
  • Willingness to Share experience, expertise, best practices, tools and resources.
  • Supporting UNACC initiatives to develop standards, market development and distribution models and also promoting Innovation and Design
  • Supporting UNACC sector monitoring and evaluation initiatives by reporting annual results performance and data to advance the adoption of clean Cookstoves and fuels in Uganda
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