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Blue Energy: The marine renewables sector starts to show promise

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Tidal and wave power have received millions in both private and public investment. While the industry still has a long way to go before it becomes commercially viable, a few experiments are demonstrating how the sea might be used to power our future.

Three hundred miles north of Edinburgh, and located in some of Britain’s most turbulent seas, the people of the Orkney Islands have been tested by the region’s weather for centuries.

A remote archipelago of 20 inhabited and 50 uninhabited islands, Orkney is exposed to the full force of the both the Atlantic and the North Sea’s climate, with around 52 hours of gales recorded every winter.

Today the islands’ windiness has been put to good use – 120 per cent of the Scottish county’s electricity demand in 2016 was supplied by renewable energy sources, mostly through wind turbines. The seas around Orkney also make it a prime location for advanced experiments in marine renewable tech

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