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    • Gasifier Stove

    • Uses wood and wood chops, and maize cobs for cooking. Its portable and mobile

    • Technically Improved Stoves

    • Ecostove
      They possess an additional air support/ electricity

    • Mobile institutional fire wood stove

    • The description is embedded in its Name

    • Mobile firewood stoves

    • Fixed rocket lorena household stove

    • They are fixed firewood fuel stoves made out of mud

    • Mud stove

    • It uses fire wood fuel and is portable

    • Improved charcoal stove

    • Uses charcoal and is portable

    • Improved Institutional Rocket Stove

    • It is a fixed stove and uses fire wood as fuel

    • Local Sigiri or Kabale charcoal stove

    • This is the one of the most common basic charcoal stove in Uganda. It is portable though not durable.